The first and only Berlin gallery featuring 100% Italian art

metal recycling
metal recycling

Beginning on 24th October 2009 to 4th December 2009, Infantellina Contemporary, the first and only Berlin gallery featuring 100% Italian art, will present the exhibition „One World“ by 9 emerging Italian talents: Domenico Bonomi, Filippo Bruno, Giorgio Casari, Fred Cassina, Domino, Svetlana Ostapovici, Veronica Rastelli, Carlo Stanga, Viola Kunst. Special Guest: Justin Köbel & Roger (crew), Willi Bambach.

The exhibition spaces
The exhibition spaces

In the context of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall selected Italian artists show their reflections on this event covering the time before, during and after with their metaphorical language. The subject here gets expanded and stretched finally leading to unity. Who can get satisfaction from building a wall like this that, automatically, leads to a moral castration? No satisfaction but the opposite is what takes place: tearing down something that simply is a hindrance can lead to an ecstatic condition. A state in which everybody becomes a part of the whole though retaining his individuality and so enjoying conditions of excitement that would be hard to experience otherwise. The feeling of unity with oneself and with others is one of the biggest enjoyments humans are able to feel: a human individum not intoxicated with power nor one that allows the right of disposal on others to seduce him.

The staff and the artists of Infantellina Contemporary wait for You!

Taubenstraße 20 – 22 (am Gendarmenmarkt)
10117 Berlin
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Tuesday till Saturday 2 p.m.-8 p.m. and on request.

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