Roger Waters „The Wall“ live at the O2 World in Berlin

Is There Anybody Out There?

30 years after the release of „The Wall“  Roger Waters, the former head of the band Pink Floyd, brings the album back on the stage.  During the Animals tour in giant stadiums Pink Floyd grew apart from their audiences. It happened that Roger Waters spat a disgruntled fan in his face. Waters  was shocked of himself and the idea for „The Wall“ was born. „The Wall“ is about the burned-out rock star Pink, who is passing off slowly from the real world. The loss of the father during the war, a despot at teacher in school, an overprotective mother and a failed marriage. All these memories from the past build up  a wall around him. Behind this wall Pink isolates from his environment. Pink hided  from his surroundings and gradually mutates into a mad dictator. In the end he even accuses himself, because he has shown feelings. The wall  teared down and Pink is exposed before his peers. Because of its enourmous costs, the original performance of  The Wall  was only staged 29 times in four different cities between 1980 and 1981. At this time, Pink Floyd had already fallen out with themselve,s which ended with the departure of Roger Waters in 1985. Waters kept the rights to The Wall, while the other members were allowed to continue as Pink Floyd.

So now again, the Wall was built in the O2 World. And Roger Waters really cracked it. He lierally enters „In The Flesh?“ the stage as a dictator accompanied by huge fireworks, flag bearers and machine gun fire in a perfect surround-sound .  What follows is an audio-visual spectacle. The Wall is built brick by brick under a massive flood of images in front of the band. During „Goodbye Cruel World“  ,the end of the first half,  the last brick is added and Pink left this world. The first songs of the second half are completely played behind the wall. Roger Waters reappears before the wall during „Nobody Home“. This was followed by probably the best Pink Floyd song „Comfortably Numb“. Dave Kilminster played on the top of the wall the most brilliant guitar solo of all time. But it did not have the unique passion that only David Gilmour can give to this song. Then Pink /Waters gets to the climax of his madness. Wikileaks videos, a flying pig and marching hammers expressed the unlimited madness of the protagonist. But finally Pink is put on trial, the wall torn down and Pink  banished to the real world.

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  1. War bestimmt ein fantastisches Konzert und eine ebenso starke Show! Tolles Video, gute Qualität für so eine kleine Panasonic-Schnappi.

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