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Der Teufelsberg in Berlin – Visiting the hill

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 Berlin is situated in a plain glacial valley. Not even a hummock setting a sign. Up until 60 years ago the devastated, bombed town had to get rid of its rubble. It was all heaped up on an already historic site. The area in ‘Grunewald’ was once planned to be the ‘Wehrtechnische Universität’, a part of the overbearing plans on Hitler’s and Speer’s gigantic ‘Germania’ project. Thank God these plans were prevented and so for almost 22 years approximately 98,000,000 cubic yard from all over the city were mounted, a mass from about 15.000 town buildings and out came a new skyline spot: the ‘Teufelsberg’. 

 Complete strip land reclamation later and after building several recreational facilities on the hill’s sides the American and British allies also spotted the area, especially the tremendous outlook.

Beginning as a mobile unit and later on within several purpose-built premises an efficient but candid audio monitoring centre developed. Many legends aroused and tales were told, but all too hush hush to be repeated here…..

From then on all over Berlin the big white round tops were to be seen, looking futuristic and always ready to serve as a coulisse for any SciFi movie highlight. Inside the highly concentrated staff of about 1.000 men with military background worked all around the clock in rooms without windows and surrounded by resonating walls.

A political breakpoint marked the end of the necessity of all the inside activity, the Allies closed the listening station and several new projects seeped/drained away into the sandy Havelland. So today you can visit a morbid scenario, sending chivers down your spine caused by devastation, the ancient vibes of cold war mythology and the untold stories of tinker, taylor, soldier and spy…

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