Exploring Berlin – one noble hot spot at the end of the Ku’damm

The Ku’damm Beach Club at Halensee 

In the quiet area of the rich and nice district of Grunewald, directly situated at the Halensee, near the Königsallee you will find The Ku’damm Beach Club and close Restaurant „La Forchetta“. 

 Combination of white lounge furniture and beds, put on swimming pontoons and with a reassuring view of the Halensee – this location may calls itself one of the noblest Beach in Berlin. 

The entry is free and The Ku’damm Beach is opened daily from 12 o’clock to 24 o’clock (they start serving from 20 degrees). 

Join us for a swim at the Ku’damm Beach – we are approaching 30 degrees here – there are cool drinks and food as well!

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