Asparagus weeks at the „KNESE“ Restaurant

…a success story! 

Once again our guests tuck into asparagus to eat – and especially this year it was long-desired!

But try it by yourself at the „KNESE“ Restaurant, Knesebeckstraße 63 – and here are our appetizers:

KNESE Restaurant  „Mixed asparagus salad made out of green and white asparagus“ or „Marianted green asparagus with roe deer ham“?
Or maybe „Medium roasted duck breast with fresh asparagus“ or a combination of „Crisp roasted pikeperch with green and white asparagus“?… or just – asparagus purely, harvested freshly from Jakob’s court in Beelitz with new potatoes and sauce Hollandaise or melted butter.

KNESE zur Spargelzeit  Come in at the „KNESE“ and try… and do you have new sunglasses already? Bring them along when trying our summer terrace at the „KNESE“ Retaurant. Because we are ready for the sunshine!

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