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Rumpelstil in Berlin

The real stars of the concert

 The flashlight concerts of Rumpelstil are swinging and rocking evening events for the whole family, open air in the surrounding of amphitheatres. For many children the flashlight concert is the first concert of their life – a real experience. In early autumn, literally as ‘the end of the summer’, children and adults wrap up under their soft covers and check the functions of their flashlights. The concert starts in daylight, but only 1 hour later it is getting dark and  everybody moves up closer to his neighbour. The audience dances and sings together wildly and is illuminated by the flickering spot lights of the flashes. And when it really turns dark, the flashlights of the children become the real stars of the concert. 

Flashlights are equally interesting for girls and boys: the easy technical construction and the enchanting worlds which originate from flashlight light fascinate all: the dreamers, the adventurers and the scientists among the children and adults.

September 10th, 2011
Waldbühne Berlin